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thaddeusgrey said: Yes good. Make more, please. o.o

We hope to soon! Thank you so much! 8)

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angiechuwho said: I saw a post from Lochi about "Bone Menagerie" and I read the whole prologue and I'm in love with it. Just wanted to say that you guys are talented!

Aww! Thank you so much! We appreciate that immensely! 

Photo 1 Mar 6 notes page 16 -End Prologue

page 16 -End Prologue

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Page 15

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Page 14

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Page 13

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Page 12

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BM: Page 11

Text 16 May Rumors and Hiatus (Officially)

I read a rumor that tumblr was going through and deleting inactive blogs and stuff. So anything that hadn’t updated in a long while would be deleted? I dunno if that is true but I suppose we never did announce an official hiatus here on tumblr for Bone Menagerie. So I’m doing that now. School really bogged me down and I’m like…mega busy for about another two months. Come July we’ll likely start updating again. MOST likely. So thanks for sticking with us. It means a lot. -Lochi

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Page 10

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